Top ten signs you are a mass-transit geek

From Seacoast NRG:

Top ten signs you are a mass-transit geek

You know you are a mass transit geek if…

10. You get almost giddy at the idea of a compressed-natural-gas-hyrbrid-electric-powered city bus.

9. The number of transit maps you own exceeds the number of cities you’ve actually visited.

8. When visiting a new city, you make a point to ride its light rail, subway, bus, or ferry system. Even if–especially if–you have no where to go, because, well, duh.

7. You know that intra-city buses are not much better than cars in terms of per-passenger-mile fuel efficiency, but still love them anyway.

6. You used subway tiling in your latest home renovation project. In the living room.

5. You keep a running list of the transit systems you’ve ridden. With pictures.

4. You know what a PCC car is, and where you can still ride one.

3. You’ve had the yes, but the highway system was subsidized, too argument more times than you can count.

2. Your entire knowledge of the Spanish language consists of: No se apoye contra la puerta (Do not lean against the doors.)

1. You are convinced that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone, but wholeheartedly believe in the National City Lines conspiracy.

4 responses to “Top ten signs you are a mass-transit geek

  1. Por favor, no cruce enfrente del autobus

    Good call on #2!

  2. Well I think #3 is right on.

  3. I think #8 is the best LOL

  4. Speaking of #1, is there some sort of justice that just as streetcars are finally starting to appear on streets again that GM goes belly up?