The Cat in the Hat saves Transit

If Japan can have a cat in a hat who saves transit, why can’t we have one, too?

All jokes aside, transit in the US is disgustingly underfunded. And many cities are suffering because of the current economic downturn. While cats in hats might not be the solution to solve the transportation funding issue in the US, we definitely need to think outside of the box to finance improving our infrastructure.

While I’m willing to pay much more for a MTA NYC MetroCard than the current cost, but how many other New Yorkers are willing to do the same? (Note: A current unlimited ride MetroCard is $81/month, and if you only use the card 60 times a month, that’s a fare of $1.35/ride!)

I pay almost $300/month for unlimited rides from my home in NJ to New York City – and honestly, it’s worth every penny and then some! I very rarely have to stand, the service is usually on time (give or take 10 minutes) and I feel safe and comfortable.

The subway might be crowded and uncomfortable at times, but if the MTA increases fares, they could invest these funds back into improving service. New subway cars, more frequent service, FINALLY finishing the Second Avenue subway line would all be worth the additional investment by riders. We deserve better service, but we MUST pay for it. We can’t wait for a cat (rat?) in a hat to show up and rescue the region this time. It’s up to us!

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