Would you Kayak to Work?

An area teacher kayaks to work instead of taking the ferry.

Sean Patch is ready to paddle his kayak across the Hudson to work, which is no easy feat. Patch says he has to navagate around, “…oil barges, tankers, cruise ships.”

Patch, an algebra teacher at a high school in Manhattan, used to take the ferry, but it became rather expensive.

His commute has become a classroom lesson. Patch says it goes like this. “Mr. Patch kayaks to work. He bought the kayak for $850. He no longer has to pay for the ferry $7.75 each way. How much has he saved?”

In addition to the savings there’s also the serenity. Patch says, “It’s really peaceful.”

I’ll bite – if Mr. Patch commutes via ferry, a round-trip would cost $15.50/day – or $310/month (assuming he doesn’t go to NYC on the weekends).

The kayak cost $850 up front, so it is essentially paid for after about 3 months!

Would YOU kayak to work? Or is this just a novel idea that can only work for one guy? Personally, I can’t see crossing the Hudson in a kayak on a daily basis, no matter how much money I’d save!

2 responses to “Would you Kayak to Work?

  1. serial catowner

    For about two years I rowed to work. It took me over an hour each way, and I was working and going to school 0700 to 2300, but it was probably the best thing I’ve ever done.

    What you see from a small boat is never to be forgotten.

    Certainly few people will ever have the chance to do this, but still a lot more than will ever realize what a great thing it is.

  2. Good points, serial catowner!