Commuting by Bike in the Winter

I found a neat article at ultimate geek girl titled, “Commuting by Bike in the Winter”.

Here are the tips, but read the article for more information on each tip for making winter commuting easier.

1) Protect your hands and face from the cold and the wind.
2) Pick your clothing wisely.
3) Know how to handle your bike in cold, icy and snowy conditions.
4) Check your lights.
5) Take care of your bike.

Photo credit: Sytske_R

I’m looking forward to getting a bike and adding it to my daily commuting and transportation options. Not only is biking faster than walking, but there are usually stronger biking communities than walking communities. When was the last time you met a walking enthusiast?

One of my reasons for being car free is the monetary savings – I do not have a car note, insurance and car maintenance to worry about. A secondary reason is my desire to add more time to my day to read, listen to music or even nap. You cannot safely do this while driving!

Do you commute by bike? Do you have any tips/tricks to add?

One response to “Commuting by Bike in the Winter

  1. serial catowner

    Couple of comments-

    Leggings. If you can’t find them locally, REI used to sell them. Once you get used to using them, you’ll probably use them a lot.

    Plan to keep your bike inside at home. And that means-

    At the end of the ride, clean the bike and dry it. Then apply a little chain lube, spin the chain through some paper towels, and wipe the derailleurs clean. (Take some paper towels from work to do this.)

    Now you can bring your bike inside into the warmth and when you want to use it again it will be ready and willing.