Shucks, I cheated!

Yes, I promised myself in January, “no more taxis”! But today was a horrible, rainy day, and I was feeling all sorts of bummed out starting when I first woke up until after midnight.

Rainy Day
Creative Commons License photo credit: Mink

Just one of those days, you know? So, I took a taxi to my meeting in Manhattan from Penn Station – for a total of about $25.

$25 might not seem like a lot of money to most people, but that’s half of a week’s worth of groceries for me – or a little over a third of the cost of a monthly unlimited MetroCard!

The taxi ride was pleasant – I got to talk to my mom and sister via three-way while I zoomed up the West Side Highway, but I have to admit, I really regret taking a taxi today. The subway was RIGHT THERE, yet I chose the option of taking a taxi!

I fell off of the wagon, but I’m getting back on. I need to think a little more about what’s best for me – a little bit of exercise and rain drops on my head to use a $2 subway ride, or a door-to-door trip that costs more than 10 times as much and leaves me feeling like I’m a bad car-free kid!

2 responses to “Shucks, I cheated!

  1. This comment is for “how I became a public transit advocate”: Don’t be discouraged. The economics are on our side. Did you know there is an international movement to make urban public transport free? We need good writers like you.