Where do you get your public transit directions?

Just incredibly curious…

3 responses to “Where do you get your public transit directions?

  1. troymccluresf

    Google Maps just updated their web app, so now transit directions are available on my Android G1, which is very handy.

    Around SF, where I grew up and still live, I know 80% of the bus routes anyway, but when I’m unsure, I’ll use Google Maps, since their interface is way easier to use than 511.org, the local trip planner site. That combined with Nextbus will get me around pretty well. If I’m out of town, I’ll generally use the maps and now, I suppose, Google Maps mobile.

    • Tony, NextBus is great technology! My university, Rutgers, uses NextBus for the campus bus system. It has saved me from standing in the rain or snow on many nights!

  2. for me it really depends on what city i’m in….
    in lexington, i have to download bus maps which aren’t very helpful (and neither is the call line)
    in pittsburgh, i use the transit website, google transit, iphone app
    in NYC i use a lot of things including a old fashioned map and iphone
    in ATL i know exactly where to go and when to be where!

    i wish more cities with transit would get with the program and use better mapping systems whether digital or paper. sure would make it easier for travelers!