What do you do on Transit? [Poll]

Please participate in the poll. I’m curious to know what other people do on public transit.

8 responses to “What do you do on Transit? [Poll]

  1. Actually it’s sort of a mix of things. Music, Text, Tweet, email, Facebook, I think I have ADD?? 🙂

  2. Voted for listen to podcasts, but more accurately, it is watching video podcast/movies.

  3. Kathryn Stewart

    I officially said “read” but I do almost all these things on transit.

  4. Like Tony said, it is a whole mix of things. I have a 30 minute train ride each way so it is a great time to do a multitude of things. Read, listen to music, make phone calls I have to make, listen to podcasts, stare out the window, make conversation with other people. It is one of the more productive times in my day. It is also a great time for me to think and act locally and not worry about any of the stresses in my life since, well lets face it, I can’t do anything about those while on the train.

  5. People watch. I have a short 5 minute trip (on the train itself that is).

  6. I read, usually books, sometimes magazines. I would go crazy from boredom if I had to do anything else.

  7. I would say that I do a combination of things too. My ride is about 45 minutes so I mostly read and listen to music, but sometimes I look out the window, daydream, people watch and talk with my husband who rides with me part of the way too.

  8. Thanks for all of the comments! I sleep on my way in to work in the morning and read and listen to podcasts on the way home.

    When I commuted via commuter rail, I would spend time texting or calling people. But now 80% of my commute is underground on the NYC subway, so there’s little time for talking or texting.