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Driving and Texting now banned in Georgia

I lived for four years in the beautiful state of Georgia. While its traffic leaves much to be desired, Georgia offers great recreation, outdoor activities almost year round and a moderate climate most of the year (though the summers do get hotter than a cat on a hot tin roof).

Finally, Georgia catches up with the times and passed a law banning driving and talking or texting by drivers 17 or younger. In the same law, adults 17 and older are banned from texting and driving. A huge step forward in driving safety, in my humble opinion. Georgia drivers tend to drive long distances on some very dangerous roads and highways. The more steps we take to encourage safe driving habits, the safer everyone is – whether they are commuters on a bus or commuters driving solo.

A lot of accidents are caused by people who are not paying attention. I’d walk and bike more easily if I knew that drivers were not texting and driving and teens were not distracted by phone calls and driving. Of course, there are people who do not agree with the law. They may feel this infringes on your rights or they feel that they are safe drivers regardless, but the truth of the matter is that a distracted driver is a dangerous driver to themselves, other drivers and pedestrians.

I hope the next law Georgia passes bans biking and texting or walking and texting. Both are dangerous in their own rights, too. Drivers aren’t the only ones who can cause accidents because they are distracted!