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National Train Day 2009 (Photos)

While I am a transit fan through and through, I figured that it couldn’t hurt to attend National Train Day 2009 and see what all the hype is about. I got so many emails, tweets and saw so many ads about National Train Day! I was totally hyped – got up at 430am to catch the 527 NE Corridor to NYC, then hopped on BoltBus to Washington, DC, where the biggest festivities seemed to be being held.

Once I arrived in DC, I walked to the Red Line and took it over to Union Station. I would have walked the approximately 20 minute walk from the bus stop, but it was hot and humid in DC!

Union Station was PACKED with people, exhibits and Amtrak employees. I got as many pictures as I could, and waited an hour in line to tour an Acela high speed train. The enthusiasm of the crowds was contagious! I soon forgot that my feet hurt, it was hot inside Union Station, too and that the lines to see exhibits were long.

See my photos from National Train Day 2009:


Did you attend in your city? Or were you in DC, too? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!


National Train Day

I will be in Washington DC for National Train Day on May 9. It would be cool to meet any of my readers at the events! Leave a comment, and let’s plan to meet! Ironically, I’m taking BoltBus to National Train Day, because it was only $2.50 round trip from New York City!

Creative Commons License photo credit: martin_kalfatovic

11 Reasons to Take the Train

Chris Brogan wrote a blog post titled, “11 Reasons to Take the Train,” and I just had to share it with you here.

I feel the same way as Chris, but more so about commuter trains and subways. There’s nothing like sitting back and watching the seasons change as I take the 1 hour trip from my town to NYC. Amtrak, in my experience, is slow and sometimes late, and it can make for a long, long trip.

I have taken Amtrak a few times from Trenton to Pittsburgh. The price couldn’t be beat – $45 round trip, but it did take about 8-9 hours to arrive at my destination!

Is speed or the ability to unplug more important to me? Honestly, I don’t know. It really depends on how I am feeling and what the purpose of my trip is. Vacations, unplugging is important, but if it is business, speed is most important!

What say you?