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What’s going on in my world

The Spring semester at Blou has started, and I’m gearing up for my last (picture me crying) semester in the Urban Planning program. Snow and ice has been on the ground for over a week, and I have been inching around huge ice patches the same way my ancestors did – very carefully!

My promise to not use 4-wheeled transit (cars) unless absolutely necessary is going well, and I am proud to say that I have only used a taxi ONCE this year! I had to make an emergency run to Wal-Mart for medicine while I was sick. Unfortunately, Wal-Mart has the lowest price for my medication, even when I factored in the cab fare.

Otherwise, I have been glad the Rutgers Bus is back on a regular, frequent schedule. There’s nothing more fun than meeting a seeing eye dog (in-training) on the F bus or seeing old friends as I catch the A around to Records Hall. Perhaps the only down-side to living in New Brunswick year-round is that when school is not in session, the buses run infrequently and stop service around 5 or 6 p.m. That is very inconvenient for someone like me, who needs to go between campuses and can’t get there with the NJ Transit buses.

I have a busy few weeks ahead, but I will be blogging later about a lot of different things, but remember – use alternative modes of transit. It’s good for you and the environment!


How do I get around?

Since I am going to talk about living car free, then I guess I should tell you a little about how I get around without a car.

First things first, I live in New Brunswick, a small (in size) town in New Jersey, which has a connection to the Northeast Corridor and good access to New Jersey Transit and county buses.

I also have Rutgers’ FREE campus bus available for my use when I am not walking. I do think biking is a great idea, but I am deathly afraid of “me vs. a car,” so I do not bike here.

Friends often ask me, “How do you get your groceries?” I get my groceries delivered via Peapod, which is a service from local grocery store Stop and Shop. The fee is about $6.95 to $9.95, and they deliver 7 days a week between 7am and 10pm. You order online, pick your delivery time, and just wait for your delivery.

If I need to do major non-food shopping, I can take either a NJ Transit bus or a county shuttle bus from the train station directly to one of several of shopping centers nearby. I have several options to get coming home – I can either get a taxi, take the NJ Transit bus or the county shuttle home. It really depends on how much I purchased or how lazy I am feeling that day. Taxi rates start at $6. The most I ever paid was $10 and that included a big tip for the guy carrying my bags up to my apartment.

Any other places I like to go – the mall, the movies, dining – I can do with either walking, taking a bus or shuttle, the train or a combination thereof. The train runs pretty frequently during the day and even on the weekends/holidays.

While a less hardy soul would be depressed at being stuck in Penn Station after missing a late night train and having to wait another hour for the next train out of NYC, I take it all in stride. Penn Station is a perfect people watching place and has lots of food options for folks like me who love junk food.

I don’t miss having a car most days, but on those cold, windy and rainy days of winter, I might change my tune!